General questions about renting a car on Mallorca
  • What age should I be in order to be able to rent a car?
  • A minimum age of 21 years is required in order to rent a vehicle.
  • Is it necessary to have had a full driving licence for a certain period of time before the rental?
  • A minimum period of 2 years holding a full driving licence is required in order To rent a vehicle
  • Who is allowed to drive the vehicle that I am renting ?
  • The rented vehicle can only be driven by the person signing the rental agreement or the one specified in the agreement as an additional driver.In case of emergency any driver meeting the two previous requirements can drive the vehicle. In such a case, the driver should inform immediately the hire company.
  • Can I lend the vehicle to friends or relatives?
  • Lending the vehicle to friends or relatives is completely forbidden. You can not lend the rented vehicle by any means.
  • What is the policy on off-road driving?
  • The use of the vehicle outside of the official roads is not permitted, not even if the vehicle is an all-roader ,this of course includes the roads that are not paved .In any case ,in order to drive off-road, a special permit provided by the hire company is needed. If the customer does not respect this clause of the contract, the personal accident insurance both for the driver and passengers is automatically void.
  • Can I take the rented vehicle off the island where I have rented it from ?
  • Yes you can, although you will need a special written permit provided by the rental company.
  • What should I do if I want to extend the rental agreement?
  • You should always notify the rental company at least 24 hours before the end of your contract. You can notify either by phone or personally to our office ,you will then be informed about any current special fees and about what procedures you should follow if you want to extend the agreement.
  • What would happen if I could not deliver the car at the time agreed on?
  • It is alright if you notify us at least 24 hours in advance to our office. In case of not being able to do so you will still have a 2-hour frame (after the time your agreement ends) in order to contact us. Once this 2-hour period expires ,new rental days are counted according to what is specified in the rental agreement. Please try to avoid this situation so that we can have everything planned in advance and work for a good performance of service. This sort of situation may be very unpleasant both for us and for our customers.
  • What would happen if I needed to cancel my rental agreement beforehand ?
  • Each case will be studied separately, but you should know that normally there is a penalisation of a three days rental fee. The rest of the amount is refunded to the customer.
  • Who pays for the fuel?
  • The customer is always the one who pays for the fuel and he or she should deliver the vehicle in the same conditions in which he or she collected it, or according to what had been agreed on. In any case, the company does not refund the money of the fuel that has not been used. 

Airport and others

  • Airport services?
  • We provide airport services free of charge if the car hire is for 5 days or more, always notify us if you intend to make use of our airport delivery service when making your reservation. The parking expenses at the airport run at the customer´s expense, although they are normally very small amounts of money; between 1 and 10 euros in all.
  • In case I have rented directly from an office, is it possible to deliver the car to the airport?
  • Yes, of course ,this is always possible if the rental exceeds a minimum of 4 days, if the rental is less there will be a charge of 20 euros each way.
  • What procedures do I have to follow in order to deliver the car to the airport?
  • You will be notified either by  e-mail, or telephone of our procedure for leaving the car at the airport.
  • Where do I collect the car at the airport?
  • You will be given instructions on our procedure when you make a reservation.

In case of accident

  • What should I do if I have an accident
  • First of all, stay calm and analyse the situation. In the case of a minor accident give your name and any other relevant information to the other driver involved. Do not forget to give Rosslind Car Hire` s telephone number. Please note down the other party` s relevant information as well; car numberplate , model of car, name and phone number of the driver ,road or street name where the collision took place. Give all of this information immediately to our office (maximum is 24 hours after the accident). We will help you as much as we can in these circumstances, in case of doubt do not plead guilty or sign any accident forms unless the situation is very clear. In the case of a serious accident contact the police imediately and give them Rosslind Car Hire` s phone number. The police will help as much as possible and will tell you how to proceed.
  • Will the company provide me with another vehicle in case of an accident?
  • Yes ,if you have an extra insurance GOLD or RELAX, if not we are not obligated to provide the customer with another car.
  • What about personal belongings?Does the collision damage waiver cover them in case of theft or damage in the case of the car being broken into?
  • No, the collision damage waiver does not cover personal belongings. Therefore please do not leave anything in the vehicle.ts with most of the hospitals on the island, and in any case you can always count on our insurance policies. Do not hesitate to call us in such cases.How can I cancel my reservation?
  •  Is there any penalty for canceling?
  • Simply calling our telephone +34 971 69 29 85or sending an e-mail to info@rosslind.com
    Cancellations without penalty must be made with a minimum of 96 hours respect to the start of rent which shall be considered at 08.00 am on the first day. Otherwise the following shall apply:
    Between 96 and 72 h be paid 25% of the total agreed price.
    Between 72 h and 48 h, 50% will be paid the agreed price.
    Between 48 and 24 hours will be paid 75% of the total agreed price.
    Less than 24 hours shall be paid 100% of the total agreed price.
  • Will I receive my car in the Airport?
  • Yes. You can pick up the car in front of the arrivals terminal, at the 3th floor of the airport parking.
Can you deliver/pick up the car to my Flat/hotel/Villa? Do I have to pay extra?

We can deliver your the vehicle to the address of your choice, as long as it is in the ares that we operate. Please indicate the full address of the pick-up/return correctly.

This service is free of charge.


Is the compulsory car insurance included in the fee?

Yes, the coverage of the compulsory Car insurance and liability insurance to ensure damages against third parties are always included in the rental.