Terms & conditions


Airport Service. Pick up your vehicle directly at Floor 5 A / A of the Airport Parking, without transfer          or waiting times.

Guaranteed vehicle category.

The client who makes  the reservation must indicate the category of vehicle he wishes to rent, for            which he will be provided with one  of the model include in the requested and confirmed category.            If  the reserved vehicle is not available,  NEED A CAR  guarantees the delivery of a similar or higher          category vehicle without any change in price.

It should be said that the images of the vehicles that appear on our website are indicative.

It is not allowed to rent under 21 years of age or with less than 2 years of driving license.

It is not allowed to leave Mallorca in any case nor is the maritime transport of the leased vehicle                allowed.

A valid driver′s license and identity document / passport must be presented to collect the vehicle.           NEED A CAR  respects the privacy of its customers so it does not sell or pass on                                         confidential information to third parties

Cash payments are accepted, with some exceptions.

All prices expressed include VAT.


All rates include comprehensive insurance. However, damages to windows, wheels (tires and rims) and / or mirrors are not included.

NEED A CAR offers for Cat: B at the time of the formalization of the lease the additional coverage (not mandatory) RELAX ROSSLIND in the following terms:


Rear-view mirrors

Roadside assistance

Replacement of the damaged vehicle

NEED A CAR doesrequire a franchise or deposit, for the rental of vehicles corresponding to categories BB, CC, E, E1, F, G, H, I. They can eliminate their excess with ROSSLIND GOLD insurance, this insurance also includes ROSSLIND RELAX insurance


Category: B                                     4€


Category: A, BA, BB, C, C1, C2:    6€

Category: D, E, E1, E2, E3:             8€

Category: F1, F2, G:                       12€

Category: H, I:                                 25€

• They are not included under any circumstances.

• Damages caused to the vehicle or to third parties due to negligence, driving under the influence of alcohol or any drug and / or reckless driving.

• Damages caused by driving on poorly paved roads

• Refueling with incorrect fuel.

• Loss or breakage of keys.

• Damage caused to locks or inside the vehicle.

• Damage to the underside of the car.

• Damage due to misuse of the clutch.

• Damage, loss or theft of accessory elements of the vehicle (such as antenna, jack, windshield wiper, tank cover, tray, triangles, GPS, vests, child seats, etc.) or property of the tenant.

NEED A CAR is not responsible for objects that could be forgotten inside the vehicle by the lessee.

In case of not contracting the optional ROSSLIND RELAX OR ROSSLIND GOLD insurance, the lessee will not have the right to replace the rented vehicle if, due to a faulty accident, it becomes unusable or to have any amount reimbursed. If the tenant is between 21- 25 years old, he will always have a € 300 EXCESS in case of accident or misuse of the car.  A car from Cat B can only then be rented.

Damages caused by the client, not included in the coverage contracted and caused by irresponsible, reckless and / or negligent use, will have to be assumed by the lessee.

Any coverage is subject to the client′s compliance with the conditions detailed in the rental contract, including the presentation of a friendly report of an accident or police report or report within a period of less than 48 hours from the incident.

Any insurance contracted from intermediaries does not imply any coverage with, being the customer′s responsibility to claim any possible reimbursement of damages from the external company.


• If the vehicle is returned before the end of the contract, no amount will be refunded.

• Airport parking ticket: max. 6€

• Additional drivers: 5€/ day. Maximum of € 40 per driver and rental contract

• Any other accessory type Navigator, child seats, etc .. whose prices are available at the time of booking.


We do not charge for fuel. We deliver the vehicle with a certain amount of fuel and the lessee must return it anyway. Except if the return is at the airport and if the rental is more than 4 days. In this case, half the tank of the category is charged and it is returned empty at the end of the contract.

If it is not possible to refuel and return the vehicle with less fuel, you must notify the company staff before leaving the facilities and pay the corresponding amount.

Gasoline price list

CATEGORIES 1/4   1/2    3/4   4/4

A, BA                16 € 32 € 51 € 64 €

B, BB                18 € 35 € 62 € 70 €

C, C2, C1          24 € 38 € 72 € 86 €

D, E3                 24 € 45 € 70 € 90 €

E, E1, E2           20 € 35 € 50 € 70 €

F, H                    25 € 50 € 75 € 100€

I, G                     25 € 50 € 75 € 100€

In the event that the car suffers a breakdown due to filling the wrong gasoline, the lessee will have to bear the costs derived from: emptying the tank, refueling the correct fuel, possible breakdown and travel (€ 0.50 per kilometer round trip).


•Unlimited mileage.

• Fines management fee: € 40 for each identification. It does not include the payment of the penalty.

• Extreme dirt: € 50

• Loss or breakage of KEY: € 180€

• Loss or breakage of child seats: € 60

• Roadside assistance not covered: € 0.50 / km


- 0 - 25 km: € 80

- 26 - 50 km: € 110

- 51 - 100 km: € 180

- 101-150km: € 240



We accept reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For reservations between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., the client′s valid phone number is required as a condition to confirm the reservation, as well as advance payment by credit card.


• You can pay at any office with a debit, credit or cash card but we always need a credit card while the car is rented

• If a car is collected at the airport, a credit card is required to charge the car Max 2 days before arrival



• Collection Instructions

The car will be parked on the 5AA floor of the Airport Parking,the key will be in a box with a code hanging on the drivers window. Once opened , you are ready to go!

Payment for the airport parking is made at the airport′s automatic machines, in cash or by credit card. The client must pay a maximum of 10 euros to take the vehicle out of the airport parking lot.

How to get?

Leave the arrivals terminal at the exit you will arrive directly at the Parking, once there go up to the 5th floor.

• Return Instructions

Please return the car on the 5AA floor of the airport car park, usually in the same place where you picked it up at the beginning of your rental period. Leave the key again in the box hanging on the drivers window and ready to go. Also make sure to lock the car  .Don′t worry, our representatives will remove the vehicle in a short space of time.

Make sure you don′t leave any objects inside the car. Rosslind is not responsible for objects that could be left inside the vehicle.


To access the parking area on the 5th floor AA of the Airport Parking, our clients must follow the TERMINAL / ARRIVALS sign and not the CAR RENTAL RETURNS sign.


Cancellations directed by email to info@rosslind.com at least 48 hours before the scheduled delivery time in the reservation will not generate any charge.

Cancellations with a notice of less than 48 hours will entail the payment of € 30 for cancellation fees. After 3 hours from the scheduled delivery time of the reservation without the client having withdrawn their vehicle, the supplier company will declare the reservation as non- show and release the reserved vehicle.

Both no-shows and cancellations less than two hours in advance must pay 100% of the value of the reservation to cover operating costs and lost profits.

Any extension of a valid reservation is subject to confirmation of availability and price by the supplier company. In addition, it requires the signing and payment of the new contract at the company′s facilities.


Communicating the data of the credit or debit card at the time of the formalization of the reservation or contract, the client authorizes ROSSLIND SANTA PONSA SLU to charge the same, the credits that for the rental price, bond, and any other costs and responsibilities collected in these conditions accrue in relation to the rental contract.

 Once the client has confirmed the reservation, ROSSLIND SANTA PONSA SLU will be empowered to charge the credit or debit card for the entire foreseeable rental price, including the extras requested.

 By confirming the reservation, the client explicitly accepts the general rental conditions available on this website, without the need to sign the rental contract that remains inside the vehicle for airport pick-ups.

The reservation of the vehicle or the rental contract will be without effect in the event that it is not possible to charge the card with said amounts.


Any use that may violate the law, the client being totally and absolutely responsible for fines, penalties or any measure that is applied to the contracted vehicle for the improper use of it and for which it will be submitted to the courts of Palma de Mallorca. Need a Car Rosslind is obliged by law to provide the authorities with the data of clients who receive a traffic fine during the rental period and will charge an administrative fee of 40 Euros (VAT included) to the client when we receive a traffic fine. This rate does not include the payment of the traffic fine; It will be the client who has to make the payment of the same directly with the authorities, after receiving the fine by mail at his address.



If the vehicle is returned before the date agreed in the rental contract, the client is not entitled to a refund.


If the vehicle is returned later than the date agreed in the rental contract, the insurance will be invalidated and the client will be responsible for the payment of 25€ per day (VAT included). In addition to this payment, the client will also be responsible for paying the daily rental rate.


Customers who abandon the vehicles in a place other than the one agreed in the rental contract will be responsible for the costs generated by the breach of the contract. In addition, apart from the daily rental rate, a daily penalty of 25€ Euros (VAT included) will be applied.


In these cases there is no possibility of canceling the franchise (CDW) or taking the all risk insurance (SCDW)

Minimum one year of license

Only the rental of group B is allowed

This rule is valid until the day you turn 25

 Price: € 10 / day


In these cases there is no possibility of canceling the franchise (CDW) or taking the all risk insurance (SCDW)

This rule is valid from the day you turn 76 years old

The maximum age is 85 years

Price: € 8 / day